Early In The Morning Huang Yao Ancient Town

3 Hidden Ancient Villages in China You Should Visit


Location: Yunnan ProvinceQunli_gate_in_Weishan

Yunnan is actually China’s most ethnically diverse province. Weishan village is just an hour away from Dali—which is Yunnan’s most popular town. The community, which has existed since the Ming and Qing dynasties, is almost untouched because it has been free from mass tourism for quite some time. You’ll love the ancient architecture in this village, as well as the small shops of the local people. You’ll also appreciate the humble life of rural Chinese in this area. If you want to be off the grid for a little while, this is the best place to visit.


Location: Guangxi Province

Early In The Morning Huang Yao Ancient Town

This village is known as a stone town with slab-stone streets. You’ll be able to see houses and temples that are 600 years old. Huangyao also features two rivers which are joined together by over 15 stone bridges. You’ll love how its surrounded by karst peaks, making the landscape impressive even if it’s an ancient town. Huangyao, known as the garden of dreams, is one of the best hidden ancient villages the country has to offer. If you’re looking for secret cultural gems, I’m telling you, you just found one.


Location: Hunan Province

Ancient town of Qianyang
Source: www.chinadaily.com

This prehistoric village boasts off its well-preserved cobblestone streets and city walls. It’s a town lined with loads of ancestral temples, halls, and even courtyard manors that local government officials own! If you want to visit a laid-back environment and just be nonchalant, let the ancient architecture of Qianyang give you what you want!

This is one of the ancient towns that remain free from commercialization and mass tourism, which makes it an excellent place to meditate and reflect. You can visit the village for free as well, so I suggest you go there while there are no entrance fees yet.

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